Two essentials of being good at mathematics

I am pursuing a degree in mathematics but there was a time when I almost failed in the subject. Now when I tell my friends at the university about my struggle with math they find it difficult to believe. I don’t want to sound proud but I am a good student of mathematics who gets fairly high grades. But when I was in school I almost feared the subject. Gradually with a lot of effort and math help I developed a liking for the subject and started to score good grades. Once I was on track with this subject there was no looking back.

Math is a subject that is very easy to hate. There is no midway with math. Either I know how to solve the problem or I do not. Either the answer is correct or it is incorrect. Therefore as a child I preferred literature. I could learn the stories and write the answers on my own, I mean I never had to memorize anything. I hated to memorize. But somehow I ended up doing that with math. I tried to memorize it and I failed miserably. Therefore my first advice to my fellow students is,

Never memorize math

Whenever there was a mathematical problem that I had to solve I tried to remember all the steps. Memorize them one after the other. After all the hard work that I would put in remembering it I used to get a completely new problem in the test! Well, now that I think of it its funny, but during the tests I was clueless.

Math needs understanding the problem and the steps that are taken to solve it, not memorize it. After the results my parents got me a great math help, they had to because I was really bad. He helped me to understand the various steps and how they must be applied to other similar problems. Since then I have never tried to remember and recall a sum, I have learnt the method and applied it to other similar sums. And the result was there to see.

After getting a great teacher I loved to watch him solve the problems in a matter of minutes. I could say that my career choice to be a mathematician is highly influenced by my math tutor of tutor singapore. After watching him I realized that solving a complicated arithmetic problem was a great feeling. I used to watch him and think even I could do it. After all watching is learning right? Wrong, when it comes to math, watching is not learning, practicing is.

Practice as much as you can

I remember my teacher once told me that math is like football. You could sit in the stadium and think I could play it better, but once you are on the ground reality hits you. Only a lot of practice makes a good footballer and mathematician. Watching someone else could help you pick up some finer points or techniques but practice you must.

Initially when I started to practice I used to make a lot of mistakes. That’s when I needed the motivation of my teacher and family. Thank God I did not give up on myself and kept at it. I practiced the ones that were a part of the school lessons and also some new ones. I asked my teacher to get me references of new mathematical problems which I solved during my vacation and free time.

So, I would advice all of you out there who are scared of math to give it a shot. If you feel that you are struggling take math help. You never know, you might get it right!

Math Help: Taking the Fear Away from Math

Is your child weak in math? He/she may be suffering from math anxiety. Disappointment and confusion are the feeling parents often experience seeing their child’s bad record in math. This is what I felt when I happened to be notified of my daughter’s poor performance in math in the school.

Fortunately for us, math help is now a few clicks of your mouse away. And, one of the reasons children find it difficult to do well in the subject may be math anxiety. Following are my observations in this regard.

What is math anxiety?

Math anxiety is a fear of the subject, similar to that of stage fright. In children suffering from this trouble, the logical side of the brain would be dominating their way of thinking. He/she feels that doing math right is something impossible. This may happen because of a bitter experience the student had in the class or a similar environment. However, this can be taken care of with the help of a personal tutor.

Advantages of hiring an outside tutor

As a parent, you may be of the view that hiring an outside tutor is an added expense. You would be in a position to understand your child better. But, the truth is the opposite. You may know your child well. But, if you are a working parent, you may be trying to teach him/her after work. It implies that you are sure to get impatient if the child fails to come at par with your expectations. A professional on the other hand would be more skillful and patient when dealing with a student’s distractions and lack of motivation. Being an expert, the tutor would also be able to come up with numerous strategies designed to help a student do well in math.
With help from the instructor and a tutor, I am able to assist my daughter feel quite happy to see her improvement in the subject.

Math Help: Assisting Children to Excel in Math

If you find that math is the toughest among the subjects taught in school for your child, you do not have to feel tensed. With the advancements in technology, math help is at your fingertips at present. I can say this with authority because Utter disappointment is the feeling I experienced when I understood my son’s trouble with math. However, upon discussing the issue with my friends, I came to know that I can connect him with a reputed math help website. Following are my observations in the matter.

Benefits of online tutoring

Today’s children like to learn independently. And, this would be possible only through online tutoring. Here, they are allowed to learn anything at their own pace.

Face-to-face instruction may have its own advantages. But, for the children who are born in a technology-centered world, traditional mode of teaching is not going to be of any benefit. When combined with the easy-to-follow video tutorials and the facility to complete assignments on their own time, online math help websites would definitely be the trend of the time in the near future.

Learning through gaming

It is true that math help websites would go a long way in assisting your child do well in the subject. . But, including a bit of amusements designed for the purpose would add up to your efforts in this direction. This happens because every child loves competition and it is a thrill to win every time. If you wish, you can even give prices so that your child always tries to be a winner. However, take care to ensure that the game you choose would go well with your child’s skill level.

Truly, with a math help website and a few games, I was able to arouse my child’s interest in math. He has improved a lot. And, I expect the momentum to continue. As time goes by, you can even arrange for principles of accounts tuition when your child shows an interest in the field.

Online Math Help: Taking away the Stress from Mathematics

Having a mastery over math is a must-have for the bright future of a child. Being the mother of a child who used to hate math, I can understand your concerns in the field.

Experts inform us that some of us are not math-learners by nature. But, the tips given below would be of great help to parents who want their children to do well in math. In fact, these insights helped me not only to present math as an interesting subject, but also helped my son to excel in it.

• Help your child understand basic concepts: Know that every lesson in math builds on what is being learned previously. For this reason, it is a must that a student is able to understand the fundamentals. A failure to do so may create a situation where math lessons would become boring exercises with lessons and rules learned by heart. Within the time you set aside for the purpose, the child should have mastered all the fundamental principles of the subject. It implies that he/she should be in a position to answer a question within three seconds. You can also take advantage of math help available in plenty online.

• Teach your child to write numbers neatly: Studies show that a majority of math troubles originate in children’s inability to write numbers properly. Ask your child to trace your writing. You can also advise him/her to keep a graph to make sure that numbers and problems are aligned neatly.

And, do not forget to respond instantly when your child requests for help.

Online tutoring

If you feel that hiring a tutor is the best option, going for online math help websites is highly recommended. Most of them make sure that their services are budget-friendly.

If you are someone who resides in Singapore, you are among the millions with access to exceptional quality education. pre university in singapore are known for their highest standards in all the subjects and mathematics is not an exception.